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Laser Comedy Show

A Lot of Comedy Festivals!

Atlas Improv Endurance festival 2018 (Madison, WI)

Austin Out of Bounds Festival 2014

Basement Improv Summit 2016 (Eau Claire, WI)

Belfast Improv Festival 2018

Boston Comedy Arts Festival 2014

Compass Improv Fest (St. Louis) 2016

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival 2014-2017

Chicago Improv Festival 2013-2017

Chicago International Puppet fest 2019, 2024

Cross Roads Comedy Festival 2015 (Indianapolis, IN)

Damn Good Improv Festival 2017-2018 (Louisville, KY)

Denver Improv Festival 2019

Detroit Improv Festival 2014

FRIGID New York 2020 

Grand Rapids Improv Festival 2016

Green Bay Improv Festival 2015

Green Gravel Comedy Festival 2015 (Iowa City IA)

Houston Improv Festival 2014

Impro Amsterdam Festival 2018

L. A. Improv Comedy Festival 2014-2015

Nasty Brutish & Short Festival Cabaret (Puppets) 2017

Omaha Improv Festival 2017

O'Town (Orlando) Improv Festival 2024

Philadelphia Improv Festival 2015

Rochester Fringe Festival 2019

San Diego Improv Festival 2014-2015

San Francisco Sketch Festival 2019

San Jose Improv Festival 2018

Seattle Festival of Improv 2016, 2020

SLO Improv Festival 2019 (San Louis Obispo) 

Tampa Improv Festival 2014-2015

Third Coast Improv Festival 2017 (Nashville, TN)

Twin Cities Improv Festival 2016

We’re Trying here: A Comedy Festival 2015 (NYC)

West Side Improv’s 12-hour festival (Wheaton, IL.)

Yippie Fest 2018-2019

Laser Comedy Show, LA improv comedy festival
Laser Comedy Show, Damn Good Improv Festival, Louisville KY
Laser Comedy Show, First time in New York City, We're trying here- a comedy festival
Laser Comedy Show on Air with Patti Vazquez, Advertising Chicago Sketch Festival
Laser Comedy Show, Frigid Fringe Festival, Last time in NYC 2020
Laser Comedy Show Seattle Festival Improv Theater 2020

6 Independent Tours

Laser Comedy Show on Local TV, Jacksonville, Florida 2017
Laser Comedy Show @ Impro Amsterdam Festival 2018
Laser Comedy Show, Atascadero High School workshop teacher. California Tour 2019
Laser Comedy Show, Belfast Ireland, Accidental Theater Show January 2018
Laser Comedy Show Atascadero High school Show

Northwest US/Canada​ - Sept-Oct 2016

​Seattle​, WA - The Pocket Theater
Vancouver, BC - Little Mountain Improv
Portland, OR - Curious Comedy Theater
Spokane, WA - Blue Door Theater

Florida, Dec-Jan 2017

St. Petersburg, FL - Unscripted Theater

Jacksonville, FL - Rain Dogs

West Palm Beach, FL - Improv U

Winterpark, FL - Ad-lib Theater

Sarasota, FL - Florida Studio Theater

​Western Europe, Jan-Feb 2018

Dublin, Ireland Powerscourt Theater
Belfast, UK - Accidental Theater
London, UK - The Nursery Theater
Amsterdam, Netherlands​ (Impro Fest)
Paris, FR.  La Cave Cafe

​California, May 2018

​Fremont, CA - Made Up Theater

San Jose, CA -  Improv Fest, The American Theater

Sacromento, CA - Comedy Sportz

Morrow Bay, Ca - The Libertine Pub
Los Angeles - The Clubhouse, Second City Studio Theater
Ireland/Northern Ireland, August 2018

Belfast, N. Ireland (Improv Festival) Accidental Theater

Limerick, Ireland - Chez Le Fab

Derry, N. Ireland - The Chicken Box, Bennigans

Dublin, Ireland - The Tight Rope 


​California Jan-Feb 2019

San Francisco, CA - Sketchfest - Piano Fight

Sacromento, CA - Comedy Sportz

San Luis Obispo, CA. Improv Festival

Santa Monica, CA - West Side Theater

San Francisco Sketch Fest 2019, Laser Comedy Show
Northern Illinois University Stem Festival Activity
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