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Performing artist Chris Fair uses his skills in art and improv to exhibit this unique and mesmerizing, storytelling experience. Fair specializes in generating stories out of his imagination where he draws animated characters and scenery on a glow-in-the-dark screen using Laser Reactive Technology; think of it like a high-tech Etch-A-Sketch. He then brings his creations to life with hilarious voices, sound effects, music and non-stop drawing action into a journey that you won’t ever forget.
"[The Laser Comedy Show is]
completely original...
feel-good-inside magical"

              Timeout Magizine
"[The Laser Comedy Show] was Phenomenal! A real joy to watch!"
- TJ Jagodowski
(TJ & Dave)

"[The Laser Comedy Show] pushes the
boundaries of live improv and comedy!"

- Kevin Mullaney
(Chicago Improv Festival)

"I've never seen that before!"
- Everybody

Laser Show Schedule

Adult Show Schedule
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Saturday May 7th. 9:00pm (adult)
"Laser Comedy Show @ Chicago Improv Festival"
Second City Training Center's Beat Lounge Theater
230 W. North Avenue - Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60614

Friday May 20th. 7:00pm-8:30pm (adult) BYOB
"Laughing Near Minimalist Furnature"
^ Click for Tickets
Industrious Chicago
320 W. Ohio St, Suite #3
Chicago, IL 60654

June 12th 8pm. Free (adult)
"The Sh#t Hole"
Message for details, Chicago

Previous Festival Appearences:
Austin Out of Bounds Festival 2014
Boston Comedy Arts Festival 2014
Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival 2014-2016
Chicago Improv Festival 2013-2014, 2016
Cross Roads Comedy Festival 2015 (Indianapolis, IN)
Detroit Improv Festival 2014
Green Bay Improv Festival 2015
Green Gravel Comedy Festival 2015 (Iowa City IA)
Houston Improv Festival 2014
L. A. Improv Comedy Festival 2014-2015
Philadelphia Improv Festival 2015
San Diego Improv Festival 2014-2015
Seattle Festival of Improv 2016
Tampa Improv Festival 2014-2015
We’re Trying here: A Comedy Festival 2015 (NYC)
West Side Improv’s 12 hour festival (Wheaton, IL.)
Family Show Schedule

May 1st. 1:00pm. $6 - $12

Laser Comedy Show
Stage 773 - Box Theater
1225 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 327-5252

May 25th 11am-1pm
Roslyn Road Elementary School
School Festival

June 5th. 1:00pm. $6 - $12

Laser Comedy Show
Stage 773 - Box Theater
1225 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 327-5252

June 28th - 6:30pm
Towner Homeship Public Library- Community Event
14320 W. 151st Street
Homer Glen, IL 60491

Laser Comedy Show Videos

The Laser Comedy KIDS Show
"Sally's World" - Improv @ Link Elementary

The Laser Comedy KIDS Show
"Christmas Musical" - Improv @ Concerts for Kids

The Laser Comedy Show (Adult)
"The Ballerina" - Seattle Festival of Improv Theater

The Laser Comedy Show (Adult)
"Highlight Reel" - Improv

The Laser Comedy Show (Adult)
"Franciscan Pitchfork" - Sketch

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